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Lime Processes






Lime production begins with extraction of

chemical grade limestone from quarries or mines.










Heated limestone at high temperature in the

calcination process, it transforms into quicklime.




Quick Lime






Quicklime can then further be processed into

Hydrated Lime through a hydration process.




Hydrated Lime

Lime Applications



Lime products have a plenty of uses
in a wide variety of traditional and emerging applications.




Aerated Concrete    
Agricultural Farm
Desalination Plant    
Feed Mill    
Fiber Glass    
Flue Gas Treatment
Glass & Bottle    
Iron & Steel  
Non-ferrous Metal  
Precious Metals  
Precipitated Calcium Carbonate    
Pulp & Paper  
Road Construction & Foundation
Soil Stabilization  
Sugar Products  
Waste & Water Treatment






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At Chememan, we pay close attention on effective delivery system for our products.

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Technical Support


Chememan encourages customers to work with
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The team is consisted of highly skilled engineers who are available to offer recommendations

and assistance with any technical issues that arise when using our products.

Our team can also assist to address handling and storage options in terms of transportation arrangement, loading/ unloading, and storage capacity requirement at customers’ location.